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The principal purpose of our bloggers community is helping the most people possible on a unique website. We are several people from all around the world wanting to create a giant Lifestyle Guide for all those who need help in many different subjects.

The difference between us and a magazine is that on a magazine people connect only with the content of the magazine (a fashion magazine, health magazine, fitness magazine, women magazine, celebrities magazine, tech magazine…) but our website was created for readers connecting with the people behind that create the content, and not just with the content.
Also, and very important for us, is to bring people together from all around the world. Our followers will read many different points of view from many influencers based all over the world, and it is amazing to learn about other countries, culture, new brands, products, trends, ingredients… It will also help people that are planning to visit a foreign country, you can ask questions about where to buy a specific product or brand, and the places to go when you visit a new place, so we are going to be creating an international network community of wellness, beauty, culture, traveling information an much more!

We are real women that want to make a difference in this messy world, where everything is changing so fast, we want to inspire and help others to feel stronger, more powerful and encourage them to chase their dreams and live a happy life in their own skin, we are all special and everybody is irreplaceable. Browsing through Instagram and Facebook sometimes may make you believe that you are not enough. Like you need to pretend that your life is so exciting and you look beautiful all the time, but this is a fantasy. Real life isn’t like that, and we will be daily reminding you that YOU ARE ENOUGH, you don’t need to pretend anymore, just be you and dream big, go ahead to the world, work hard, think that every day is a new chance to take you closer to where you want to be, and stop comparing yourself to the worlds selfies.

For that reason we will succeed, we are a strong team, a caring and kind community that want to grow and inspire many people all over the world for many years.

Our life motto:

“Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life, and everyone in this world deserves happiness”

Femme Supreme INFLUENCERS look forward to becoming the best possible version of themselves and they must speak English and the local country language where they currently live (and/or were born).

They are smart women, they like to help people and make them feel better, they don’t post to create jealousy, they want to inspire and don’t expect anything in return but kind words. They also like to take care of their appearance, sometimes they dress classy, sometimes sporty. They love to be outside and go to social meetings but also spend a whole day at home relaxing and reading or watching a movie. They like to eat healthy, and workout their body and their brain as much.

INFLUENCERS can write about all the CATEGORIES they want on this website but their posts are their personal experience and opinions only.
Free spots for influencers: ONE for each COUNTRY.

*We only accept more than 1 influencer for the US (8), Canada (6), Australia (4) and UK (2).

Femme Supreme EXPERTS capacities and personality match the Influencers but they are certified professionals of a specific department, which is a plus.

EXPERTS only post about one CATEGORY.
Free spots for experts: ONE for each CATEGORY.


  • To make at least 1 post per month and maximum of 1 per week.
  • To own a PUBLIC Instagram account.
  • To send us videos for the youtube channel once in a while.
  • To communicate with us when they have doubts or ideas because we are in this together. We work all as a team.
  • To write their posts in English + at least one of their local country language (*Only English speakers countries will write only in English).
  • Participate commenting on others posts and answering the questions that are directed to them.


  • Bloggers make money with their posts. (*Depending on views).
  • Bloggers are able to login into the WordPress Website to create posts and see the real views of their posts.
  • Bloggers might receive products free of cost to review, the quality and amount vary depending on the quality and amount of posts that they make.

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